the world is crowd-ed
let's make the most of it

At Wistla, we see a world made up of infinite groupings all doing what you love and welcoming you to join them. We want to give those groupings ("Crowds") an identity, make them completely visible to you and ensure the process of engaging them is utterly frictionless

On Wistla, you finally have a home for all your crowds - a space for the collective, not the individual


that crowd feeling

Dancing to the same beat, marching for the same cause, shouting for the same team - nothing beats the feeling of being in your favourite crowd

Our products are built with this feeling at the forefront of our thinking

At Wistla, we strive to be crowd experts in every way possible. It doesn't matter if it's a crowd of three or a barbarian horde, we believe it's essential to immerse ourselves in all kinds of groups doing what they love

This drive for diversity is reflected in the make-up of our team. Spanning six out of the seven world continents, we believe our variety of cultures and passions is central to reaching the goals we've set out



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