likes don’t change the world. people do.

the sociable tool to build and engage your crowd


So... how do you build a crowd of people who love what you love? We can help. Wistla gives you the tools to connect, mobilise and keep your crowd engaged. 

- Shout out to relevant crowds and help them discover your event.

- Bind your audience around experiences and keep them connected beyond a one-off activity.

- Provide a simple mechanic to share and store media so your crowd can relive the experience from every angle.

How do I cut through the noise and drum
up interest for my fitness class?

discover and grow a network of active people

  • Discover ready-made crowds of people near you who share and actively participate in running clubs.
  • Turn your online followers into offline and active yogis. Grow an engaged audience around your club, sport u0003or bootcamp.
  • Use our radar functionality to notify like-minded users near you to join your crowd.

connect to your fans on a new level

  • Reach 100% of your fanbase on Wistla for free.
  • Promote your upcoming concerts, music album and your latest music videos.
  • Announce and generate buzz for an upcoming live tour.
  • Give fans access to media and buzz from previous events as generated by your audience.
  • People in the vicinity will be able to see your event is buzzing on the app and join spontaneously.

Why should I pay to talk to a fanbase
I built myself over time?

How do I capture the true essence
of my festival’s experience?

create a dynamic festival experience

  • Create a live digital programme for your festival.
  • Interactive map and feed so your precious snowflakes discover experiences in real time during the festival.
  • Let your audience capture the vibe of the festival through shared uploaded media, all in one place.
  • View all media in a live scrapbook so your festival goers can experience it all.

charity events come and go, but crowds are lasting

  • Remobilise crowds for your next fundraiser.
  • Notify supporters when your charity needs help.
  • Open up your crowd to anyone who wants to champion your cause.
  • Convert your protest’s energy into ongoing online momentum.

How can I maintain momentum
between marches?