We're here to make social networking sociable.

Humans are wired to be sociable - to interact in groups and share real-life moments - and it’s time our social platforms embraced that. Everyone has had enough of clickbait, sponsored online ads, fake news, follower bots and our obsession with ‘likes’.The sociable network is all about keeping it real, genuine and authentic.

We want to do away with the isolation, online bubbles and self-promotion caused by current social media. No more like4like, follow4follow or boredom4boredom. Just hanging out with your crowd…as simple as that. 

A cohesive, integrated society is all about strong, united communities. For us, you can’t build community from behind a screen. So we’ve set about using the power of technology to inspire authentic face-to-face connection and grow offline community. We want to enable like-minded individuals to be grouped, mobilised and share their experiences together. In other words, we’re all about the crowd.

We want to make 2018 the year of the crowds - 'likes', 'friends' and 'followers' have got new competition. With activism as the order of the day, what could be more appropriate than a crowd-gathering tool? Right now, there isn't one of these. Instant messaging, event-planners and social media channels attempt to perform some aspects of a crowd tool, but they fall short.

Wistla is the go-to app to gather a crowd and share the experience. The crowd is our thing. Users create crowds, grow crowds, mobilise crowds (by 'wistling' - 'digitally shouting out') and share media in crowds (all media content is shared collaboratively into one place, not separate profiles). Our aim was to create a product that starts and ends with the collective, not the individual. So from the moment you join your first one to the time when you're reliving an event from every angle, you'll be aware of the power of the crowd.

Unsure what we mean by the 'power of the crowd'. Then check out Derek Sivers Ted Talk, which was a huge influence on us at the start of the venture.

Our team of sociable animals are all committed to kicking off the crowd craze. We have a strong emphasis on community development and have focussed on building a diverse team of millennially-minded people who are intimately plugged into core crowds. We’re focussing particularly on three verticals: movement, culture, cause and have seen great success in music, skate, festivals and charitable causes through our Beta period. These range from Free The Nipple; to Oxjam; to Tribeca Art Night; to TokyoXBrooklyn; to Don’t Flop; to The Happy Show. We've also been teaming up with some partners to create unique offline experiences. These include: Red Bull DIY; Art16; Byline festival; Eric festival … and there are many more to come. 

Our drive for sociable change was recently given a huge lift as we were accepted into the PeaceTech Accelerator - a joint venture between PeaceTech Labs, Amazon Web Services and C5 Capital. They recognised us as a tech solution to building global community and fostering a sense of worldwide belonging. 

We feel we are perfectly situated to press on with our first global launch and embark on our mission to create a sociable network that ignites genuine offline community and action, enabling people to “put their bodies where their beliefs are” (quotation borrowed from the formidable Gloria Steinem).

Likes don’t change the world.
People do.