we’re about what people do,
not what they ‘like’

We believe real-life experiences drive audience engagement and brand loyalty, not sponsored ads and online campaigns.

We also believe that you do not need to create single purpose stand-alone event apps that are used briefly and then discarded by your audience promptly after the event.

There is a better way.

We’ve already teamed up with a wide range of brands, festivals, movements, charities, artists and venues to gather, engage and retain the crowds mobilised by the real-life activities they create.

some of our partners...

driving the grassroots

Wistla ignited the sociable side of skateboarding through the Red Bull DIY project. Tasked with generating a buzz around each store Wistla helped build, capture and celebrate the skate spots that were built.

mobilising music lovers

Wistla is the digital tool of choice for the Oxjam takeover festival. Thousands of volunteers, performers, organisers and attendees will gather this October.

connecting passions

TokyoXBrooklyn festival - the coming together of two cultures through music, food and animation - will be brought to life through its crowds as festival-goers share their live experiences altogether in one place.

driving knowledge sharing

Wistla is working with Eric Festival as they spread their Creative Careers knowledge throughout the UK with their festival campaign. Wistla will be used as a tool to digitally map their festivals throughout the year as well as being the centre for the media content from the events.

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