unleash the power
of your crowd

why partner with us?

Real-life experiences drive millennial engagement and loyalty.

No commitment to high cost, low yield online sponsored ads.

No need to develop your own single purpose event app.

Build a stronger community around your brand.

driving the grassroots

Connect with local communities of fans
who share your passion and mobilise them
around your events

engage and re-engage

You work hard to gathered a meaningful
community, why let them go? By creating a crowd
on Wistla, you can re-mobilise them anytime you
host an new event with a direct notification.

reach the millennials

Old forms of marketing don’t work anymore.
Get able the white noise by meeting your
audience where they are doing what they love.
Plus with Wistla you reach 100% of your audience

organise your gatherings

Use Wistla as a programme for your events to
make sure that attendees don’t miss on the highlights
and gather the best multimedia content in one place

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