3 day runway

Lexi Willetts

Sociable is the new Social

What was hotter than Wimbledon’s Royal box, Alexa Chung’s ready-to-wear collection and hanging with Solomon in Pacha’s DJ box this weekend? 

Yep, you guessed it, Liverpool fashionista extravaganza the British Style Collective festival,  that’s what…

What a crowd.

Whilst the Clothes Show is a longstanding institution, this was the first Clothes Show styled BSC festival ever; the first time that the Clothes Show team had showcased outside of it’s longstanding NEC Brummie home, the first time that it had pitched up in Liverpool, a first for me having to interview on a catwalk runway (all Madonna mic’d whilst striking a demure pose to mask the abject terror of the situation…) and, EXCITINGLY, the first time that anyone has had the opportunity to download our app on Android


The Clothes Show style festival was a true togetherness of folks in fashion, beauty, music, wellbeing, fitness, health, and education, all mingling offline. 

It was also home to the Wistla VW Wagon aka film studio on wheels, where our highly quaffed Ed (thanks for the free haircut @sidthebarber) interviewed festival joiners on the “tech confessionals” backseat. Some hilarious revelations came out there BTW - (keep an eye on our YouTube channel for more...)

We had IMG models hanging out on our sociable sofas

Hello’s delicious Donna Air wearing our SOCIABLE BAE statement T (literally THE HOTTEST thing you can wear this season)

and Love Island's Dom Lever posing for pics, sharing smiles and giving free hugs to our community bae Anna - thanks Dom - you made her day.

Essentially this city fashion take over was a perfect Wistl; so awesome to watch so many cool crowds interchanging offline and connecting in app. 

Frankly speaking, we love the fashionable folks. It’s a future thinking, visually inspired and social media savvy community; one that loves to broadcast, but equally loves to engage with the physical realm.

Chatting with Bloggers such as Blush & Noise, Jessi Milton, and Allie Davies at this weekend's event, it was so obvious that Wistla can work so well to connect and sew together fashion thinkers offline. This particular crowd of three met online, linked through their blogging work, a topic that they are all so passionate about…fabulously, they are now friends offline, often attending fashion events together… 

And what do we say to that? REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT. 


So take a look at the BSC Crowd in app to see some of the great media memories of the event as captured by the crowd themselves, but moreover, join the BSC crowd to be invited to future fashion based experiences and to connect with other great folks who just love the runway life. 

Must dash…after seeing lovely Alex Bowen this weekend, I need to invite him to join my #inked crowd! No man is an island Alex…well, not in Wistla. 



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