can team sports increase classroom performance?


“Educational funding has never been so good” the Department of Education states. It’s 2017. Listen up. They should probably have checked the inflation rate and the increase in pupils numbers before setting themselves up for being trumped. As projected by the Institute of Fiscal Studies, the funding is set to drop by 6.5% within two years. Not so good after all.

Witnessing firsthand the correlation between team sports and increased performance in classrooms, Football Beyond Borders have developed a football based education programme which work to tackle educational underachievement and social exclusion for young people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

With the prospect drop in educational funding, there is a funding crisis which directly affect FBB’s capacity to work with over 350 young people in South London. Schools are under sustained pressure over school finances and cannot pay for the cost of their programmes.

Through the pile of mud the Department of Education have created, [insert cheesy quote here] FBB shines light at the end of the tunnel by making the move from the pitch to a classroom fun.

First of all your teacher is also your football coach. That’s cool. You may be able to wear your cleats inside as long as you have your ‘head in the game’.

Instead of creating Powerpoints about osmosis, there’s a football osmosis making player cards to stimulate learning and creativity.

No more teacher’s pets… Everyone works, everyone delivers, everyone presents. There’s no “I” in team.

We call on the local community to come together, join the FBB family and support the running of our programmes. Join their crowd. Funding cuts don’t change the world, FBB does.


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