peace tech: complete

accelerate [ak-sel-uh-reyt] (verb): to move, progress or develop faster


Bird? Plane? No it's Wistla's progress at the PeaceTech Accelerator program...Soaring.

Things slower than our progress at PeaceTech Accelerator:

Our time at the PeaceTech Accelerator in Washington has come to an end and what a two months it was. With a mantra of “Faster. Go faster. Even faster than that, please”. We're left wondering if spinning classes got their model from tech accelerator programs?

From the formal mentor sessions, to the informal chats with world experts, to being housed in the US Institute of Peace this was an abundantly valuable experience for us. We covered a range of topics including:

  • AWS cloud strategy
  • Digital marketing and communications
  • Leadership and resilience
  • Investors, VC and funding
  • Product, services and IP roadmap
  • Region specific strategies

Over all, we now have a tightened message, tweaked product, invaluable connections and feel that we’re now ready to take on the global possibilities that lie ahead. 

A few special shout outs must go to:
1. PeaceTech Labs, C5 and AWS for running an extraordinary Accelerator

2. Bee Heal and Dimitra Hatzudis who ran a seamless programme and provided terrific support throughout a steep learning curve for us. 

3. The other companies in our cohort - Nichestreem, Junub Games, Global Sleepover and CrowdTect - who were an inspiration

4. Duke’s Grocery on 17th Street for the best salt brisket sandwich known to mankind - seriously if you’re anywhere near Washington DC​, go there. 

Our time with PeaceTech may be over, but our acceleration in America is just beginning. Watch this space and prepare yourselves for a sociable summer. 

Peace. Out. 

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