PeaceTech Week One


This week, I find myself in Washington DC, within my Wistla crowd of three.

It’s a new chapter for us and a new experience for yours truly; a first time for all concerned to take part in a tech accelerator programme.  And what a treat to be housed at the US Institute of Peace (USIP), home for the next 8 weeks and where we’re receiving daily mentorship and wisdoms from the USIP, C5 Investments, the PeaceTech Lab and the wider DC community. 

Simply, we’re here to grow; as a venture, as a product, as a team and actually as individuals. A chance to understand how Wistla can make a positive difference, to contribute to the efforts of PeaceTech Lab’s peaceful mandate. That’s a privilege, moreover it’s a responsibility.

We’re not alone, we’re part of a cohort crowd of seven. A global group of extraordinary entrepreneurs who have sacrificed much to create the foundations of what they hope to be enterprises that make for a better future. And they all make for wonderful Wistlers!! A rich mix of sociable, open, adventurous, brave people from war torn region South Sudan, vacay zones of Cape Town and New Delhi and capitals London and Washington DC.  All happy to connect, to exchange, to learn from each other.  To hopefully become a community of less formal friends…

More next week, LexiCon 

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