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If you think Logic is an American rapper you heard on the radio that one time then you are in for a treat and I suggest you read on.  Although being talented, the American Logic does not come close to the lyrical ability and power held down by the one on the shores of England. UK Artist/Activist Logic has been at the forefront of the generation’s new wave of political Hip Hop. After a chance meeting with fellow activist rapper Lowkey, the two combined their cause to create The People’s Army. This evolved into a talented group of like-minded artists with the aim of creating positive change through the educational message in their music. Other notable artists’s that are part of or affiliated with Peoples Army include, DJ Snuffone, Mic Righteous, Genesis Elijah, Amy True and English Frank among many others.



Logic’s most notable accessory, that you will rarely see him without, is his thick beaded necklace which he proudly wears in place of the more common Hip Hop accessory of gold and diamond chains. The beads being an ethical export from Africa with a rich history tied to much of the ancient culture there as opposed to contributing, like many MTV rappers, to the Gold and Diamond industry riddled with corruption and slavery.



By maintaining his core values throughout his career Logic has had a lasting impact on the millennial generation and is still considered one of the most respected UK rappers in the scene. The main themes of Logics music include equality, empowerment, education of the youth and the on going conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. He has progressed his career to new heights with the title track from his recent Spectator album nearly at 1 Million views on YouTube.



I went to meet Logic in the studio and have a quick chat with him regarding the journey that lead him to become one of the most respected names in UK Hip Hop.

So tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do

“I’m an MC, Hip Hop Conscious Artist from…The World. I was inspired to start writing and rapping in my late teens, listening to Queens Bridge and Wu Tang Clan. I kind of thought I’m gonna put my own spin on this genre of music that I’m hearing. “



What about The Peoples Army, how did that grow and how did you choose who could be apart of it?

“The Peoples Army is a concept, whereby you don’t choose whose apart of it. You’re already apart of it if you feel the same way we do, and you’re anti oppressive systems. Its Your Army its not my Army, ya get me.  It’s the Peoples Army, it belongs to the people so therefore we just started a snowball effect, myself and Lowkey and Snuff, along with a lot of others”

You’ve performed all over the world to audiences of  tens thousands but what’s your favourite act you’ve seen live?

“Hmmm. That’s a good question ya’kno. Most amazing act I ever seen live. The most amazing act I’ve ever seen live is KRS One. Easy. It was at a show in Oxford when we supported him. And the way he controlled the crowd from the first step on stage. Yeh. KRS One is definitely one of the best performers I seen.”

You got plans to perform at any festivals this Summer?

“I would love to perform at festivals ya’kno, but I’m not really clued up about em. I don’t really know of too many apart from the obvious ones. But yeh, I think I might try and get on the festival circuit this year. If not this year then next year. Its definitely on my bucket list”

What are your thoughts on UK Hip Hop at the moment?

"UK Hip Hop... You know what it is I always get asked this question whenever I get interviewed ya’kno. Its like sad, cos it hasn’t really changed. Do ya know what I’m sayin. When I first got asked this say, like 10 years ago and it hasn’t really changed, my answer hasn’t changed. If you were to ask, say, a Grime artist this, they’re gonna have a lot of stuff to tell to ya. Cos Grime has evolved in them 10 years.  UK hip hop hasn’t grown at all in my eyes. It’s real stagnant. For many reasons, but I feel that UK hip Hop doesn’t get the coverage that it should get and deserves."

Couldn’t agree more with that last bit man. Now I gotta ask, Lowkeys been a bit of a mystery the last few years with a lot of rumours flying around. Can I get a confirmation on what he’s been up to what he’s got planned for the future?

(Smiling proudly and looking at me) “No Comment”

Haha, fair play, it will stay a mystery. Well it’s been a pleasure man appreciate you having me round. You got any final shout outs you wanna give?

“Yeh.Yeh, big up Sleepy Time Ghost, we got a jungle EP, comin out this summer, titled King Of The Jungle. Listen out for that. That’s gonna be the first of many. Then my album will follow and a few other project after that. @LogicArmy follow me on Wistla, follow me on all social networks, SALUTE AS ALWAYS!”

Check out this list of Logic’s most critically acclaimed albums from his back catalogue for you to immerse yourself into.

Top Logic Albums

1. Logic – Spectator: https://itun.es/i67G4BK

2. Logic & Last Resort - True Talk: https://itun.es/i67G794 

3. Logic - 30 Free: https://itun.es/i67G2Dv

4. Logic & John McIvor - Many Lives EP: https://itun.es/i67G2D5

Be sure to support and be a part of creating Logic’s upcoming album by contributing to his crowd funding campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/logicsnewalbum

Wistla is excited to be a part of his upcoming tour for the launch of his new album. You can join Logic’s up coming crowd on Wistla @LogicArmy and be apart of his future projects and releases.


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