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As daily victims of [please donate here] links to JustGiving, we’re discreetly avoiding snowballs of donation requests being thrown at us.

So here we are. The time when raffles were done to fundraise is old news, the online is flooded with fundraiser requests and there is no way to re-engage or allow your donors to come along for the ride (other than emails #HelloStoneAge).

The reaction when someone tells you there’ll be a tombola at the fair...



- In 2016, $23 billion was fundraised from offline activations by supporters of 6,845 nonprofit organisations in Canada, the US and the UK
- Online donations to 5,210 nonprofit organisations make up $2.6 billion.
- JustGiving has helped 13 million people raise over £930 million for more than 12,000 charities since 2001.
- 0.0002% actually know what they are donating to.

It’s not really about all the zeros and digits, it has to do with the fact that there’s been an increase of nearly 17% in online donations and charity interactions made via mobile - the biggest increase over the last 3 years.

Today’s supporters are eager to indulge in challenges that are adventurous, exciting and fun. Yes, offline activations are vital, but to maximise the visibility of a campaign, online discernibility need to be prioritised. Seems like this is the perfect time to namedrop Wistla…

So, how do you stick out from the crowd?
We’ve seen it with Snapchat, with Musically; millennials are hungry for experience and want to be part of something bigger than donating online with their first VISA card. Two charities which nailed this are:

1. Rave for Refugees - ticket sales go to Help Refugees
2. DJ Marathon for Oxjam - empowers you to create your own events

So why not, let’s give the millennials what they’re looking for? We thought of some sociable fundraising ideas.

Get your friends to donate £5 per vote to decide which torture the fundraiser has to submit to. Wear an outfit that contains striped pants and a polka dot shirt for a day? Colour your hair? Kiss a pig? You get the idea…  

Get a group of friends together, how much are you willing to bet on the winner? Who can collect as many worms as possible in 30 minutes? You’d be surprised, the current record is 567 worms.

Quite literally what it is… Cycle from Hammersmith to Shoreditch, well, naked? We advise you to choose a good season for this, preferably summer and with a big crowd.

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The future has come for sociable fundraising. Connect, engage and share your experiences on Wistla.



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